Running in speed or pace ?

03/11/2017 Joost van der Made 0

Running is what I like. Not convert speed to pace to miles to km…. Running on speed. Although I am a beginner, preparation is what counts. So I got some trainingplans from They are […]


My First 5K Run

01/30/2017 Joost van der Made 0

It’s easy when you’re prepared ! Last Sunday it was my first 5K run and I am proud ! I was prepared and it wasn’t too hard for me. My goal was just to finish […]


Let’s run on a treadmill !

01/11/2017 Joost van der Made 0

HELP : Treadmill is slippery ! Although Joost likes running outside, he bought a second hand treadmill for indoor running. This time he don’t have any excuse to not to practice running. Because the person […]


Fitness Trackers : Why ?

09/04/2016 Joost van der Made 0

Fitness Trackers : Why ? Don’t get me wrong. I like gadgets. And this week I was thinking of buying a smartwatch/ fitness tracker device. But I didn’t. In my hand I had a Samsung gear […]

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