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Since a few months I got the page : IAmJoost.com There is where I am blogging right now. Please update your links and go to that page. Have Phun !  

Latest Technical Posts


Convert VMWare .OVA to Hyper-V .VHD

02/19/2018 0

On my laptop I am using Virtualbox often. It’s easy and quick. Sometimes you will have to convert a VMWare .ova file into a Hyper-V file. Now you can find a ton of application on […]


DIY : DAB Antenna

02/17/2018 0

Sometimes I buy some nice gadgets. And a few days ago I received my device. It’s an internet radio with radio, mediaplayer and DAB Radio. Unfortunally I didn’t have a good reception. Because of this, […]

Data Center

Connect UCS FI 6332 to 10 Gb Network

02/10/2018 0

It’s nice that the bandwidth of the servers and the whole UCS system is getting faster and faster. Sometimes you must connect the FI 6332 with all 40 Gb ports to a 10 Gb network. […]

Data Center

Are You A HyperConverged Admin ? Take The Test!

02/01/2018 0

In large companies most of the IT people are siloed into boxes regarding their skills. So you got Networking, Compute, Storage etc admins. Some work together others don’t. What I noticed during a lot of […]

Data Center

Cisco Live Barcelona : TECCOM-1463

01/09/2018 0

Yeah !!! I am a presenter at Cisco Live Barcelona 2018 TECCOM-1463 : Technical Seminar On mondays there are Technical Seminars which you can follow for an additional fee. This year I am presenting the […]

Latest Health Posts


My First Marathon : Las Vegas 2017

11/16/2017 1

Yes ! On November 12th 2017 I finished my first Marathon in Las Vegas, NV. My time wasn’t fast and this wasn’t my goal. My goal was just to finish before they close the circuit. […]


5 Tips for Running a Marathon WITH Diabetes

11/16/2017 0

As you can see in my post My First Marathon, I finished the Las Vegas Marathon 2017. It wasn’t a pleasure walk. It needed preparation and a lot of research regarding my diabetes. Here are […]


5 Tips on howto prepare for a Marathon

11/16/2017 0

In may 2016 I started, since the first time in my life, with running. Just to make sure I could make the finish line in september 2016 during a mudmaster race. Then there was the […]

Latest Personal View Posts

Speaker at Cisco Live Barcelona 2018

Personal View
02/06/2018 0
Yes ! After doing a design clinic in 2010 and presenting Social Miner in 2012, I was lucky to do a technical Seminar in 2018 at CLEUR (Cisco Live Europe). TECCOM-1463 The personal highlight of [...]
My Solar Panels

Why 2nd hand solar panels

Personal View
03/03/2017 0
Nature is what I like and Solar Panels are my fun ! 5760 Watt is it enough ? 4 years ago I started with solar panels. Because the new ones were out of budget, I [...]
Personal View

Keep on dreaming…

02/10/2017 0
I have a dream…. Which manager wasn’t dreaming about your IT sitting on a beach and the Data center would be completed automated without any human errors ? I believe this is the future. But aren’t [...]

Zonneboiler subsidie 2017

02/06/2017 0
This page is in Dutch because the RVO subsidy is only for the Netherlands ! Return on Investment van een Zonneboiler Het belangrijkste om uit te rekenen hoesnel je een zonneboiler terug verdient, moet je [...]
Personal View

Washing is expensive. Cut the cost !

12/24/2016 0
Costs of washing clothes There are a lot of parameters and for each person they are different. The first question is : Can we calculate what the costs are of washing our clothes ? Buying [...]

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