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My First Marathon : Las Vegas 2017

Yes ! On November 12th 2017 I finished my first Marathon in Las Vegas, NV. My time wasn’t fast and this wasn’t my goal. My goal was just to finish before they close the circuit. [...]

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Hyperflex Replication
Data Center

Configuring Hyperflex 2.5 Replication

09/20/2017 0

There are many cool HX 2.5 features and one of them is native replication. But how do you configure this ? Well. Let’s start. What is Hyperflex replication ? It is possible to replicate VM’s […]

Data Center

Configure vCenter Appliance to use NTP

09/20/2017 0

When I installed vCenter appliance in the lab, I didn’t use a NTP server. (I know… STOOPID !!!) So how can you configure it afterwards ? Login to the vCenter Appliance. timesync.get will give you […]

Data Center

Hyperflex Post Install

09/15/2017 0

When you’re done with the installation of Hyperflex, there are still some steps left. You can configure it manually, but you can also use an automated script. Just go to https://<installer ip>/mssh  when you have […]

Data Center

5 Cool Features of Hyperflex 2.5(1c)

09/10/2017 0

Right now you can download the Hyperflex Data Platform software at CCO. www.cisco.com/go/software There are some cool features in Cisco Hyperflex 2.5 which makes the product better then the best !

Data Center

Hyperflex 2.5 API Rest Explorer

08/30/2017 0

In a previous post about Howto use HX Rest Explorer I talked already about the nice Rest-Explorer. In the Hyperflex 2.5 release, things changed ! When you use https://<HX cluster>/rest-explorer you will get : 500 […]

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My First Marathon : Las Vegas 2017

11/16/2017 1

Yes ! On November 12th 2017 I finished my first Marathon in Las Vegas, NV. My time wasn’t fast and this wasn’t my goal. My goal was just to finish before they close the circuit. […]


5 Tips for Running a Marathon WITH Diabetes

11/16/2017 0

As you can see in my post My First Marathon, I finished the Las Vegas Marathon 2017. It wasn’t a pleasure walk. It needed preparation and a lot of research regarding my diabetes. Here are […]


5 Tips on howto prepare for a Marathon

11/16/2017 0

In may 2016 I started, since the first time in my life, with running. Just to make sure I could make the finish line in september 2016 during a mudmaster race. Then there was the […]


Running on Heartrate, not on Speed ?

07/25/2017 0

Right now I am running for about one year which isn’t long yet. So I don’t have a lot of experience. The only experience I got is how my body reacts with running. Sometimes it’s […]

Las Vegas Marathon in Miles

Marathon in Miles. Training in KM !

06/05/2017 0

Because I am living in The Netherlands, the metric system is what I know. I hope to run the Marathon of Las Vegas in 2017 and there everything is in Miles. To practies for the […]

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My Solar Panels
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Why 2nd hand solar panels

03/03/2017 0

Nature is what I like and Solar Panels are my fun ! 5760 Watt is it enough ? 4 years ago I started with solar panels. Because the new ones were out of budget, I […]

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Keep on dreaming…

02/10/2017 0

I have a dream…. Which manager wasn’t dreaming about your IT sitting on a beach and the Data center would be completed automated without any human errors ? I believe this is the future. But aren’t […]

Zonneboiler pakket

Zonneboiler subsidie 2017

02/06/2017 0

This page is in Dutch because the RVO subsidy is only for the Netherlands ! Return on Investment van een Zonneboiler Het belangrijkste om uit te rekenen hoesnel je een zonneboiler terug verdient, moet je […]

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Washing is expensive. Cut the cost !

12/24/2016 0

Costs of washing clothes There are a lot of parameters and for each person they are different. The first question is : Can we calculate what the costs are of washing our clothes ? Buying […]

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Howto become a Cisco CCSI ?

12/16/2016 0

I am CCSI #35056 When you got a Cisco CCSI number, you are an official Cisco Certified Systems Instructor. Several years ago I passed my CCSI exam and now I am CCSI #35056. I know […]

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It’s Time To Be Happy And Howto do it ?

12/14/2016 0

When are you Happy ? “You can’t buy happiness” a lot of people said. Some science article prove otherwise. Personally I think when you got a little bit more money, you will be happier for […]


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Become #CCIE : Step 10 PASS Step 10 : Pass The last step is 8 hours and it is the hardest to do. Pass the bit.ly/2paEFJN #CiscoSE