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USB for ESXi

USB Drive as Datastore on ESXi 6.0

06/01/2017 0

For my physical security I got a small PC with ESXi running on it. Now I needed more HDD space and I wanted to solve this with adding a USB drive to the PC for […]

Data Center

Hyperflex Cluster Information Pages

05/23/2017 0

Hyperflex is getting more and more new features. Right now I got HXDP 2.1 in my lab up and running. Here are some nice links which you can go with your browser to see more […]

Hyperflex Cluster
Data Center

Best 5 features of Hyperflex 2.1(1b) software

05/04/2017 0

Cisco Hyperflex is getting more and more new features. Right now you can download the HX Data Platform 2.1(1b) software on the cisco.com/go/software site. What are the best features of the software ? Self Encryption […]

Latest Health Posts

Las Vegas Marathon in Miles

Marathon in Miles. Training in KM !

06/05/2017 0

Because I am living in The Netherlands, the metric system is what I know. I hope to run the Marathon of Las Vegas in 2017 and there everything is in Miles. To practies for the […]

Race Predictor

Race Predictor | Running Blog

06/04/2017 0

Since a time I am running with a Garmin 620 sportwatch. It should be capable to predict your time on different distances. Race Predictor : Is it possible ? My VO2max right now is just […]


Pancake without carbs !

05/14/2017 0

To stabalize my sugarlevels, I am eating not much carbs. Now I do love pancakes, but they are filled with carbs. Here’s a recipe with less carbs ! Eggs and Banana ! The recipe is […]

FreeStyle Libre

My Experience with FreeStyle Libre

05/04/2017 0

Right now I got the FreeStyle Libre for a week and although there are some things for improvement, I really like it. Why use it ? As you may know I got diabetes and using […]


12 Km Mud Masters 2017

04/25/2017 0

My diabetes wasn’t stable all the time and I knew when I was sporting, the results were way better. That’s why I did the Mud Masters 2016 in Biddinghuizen. Of course I choose the smallest […]

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My Solar Panels
Personal View

Why 2nd hand solar panels

03/03/2017 0

Nature is what I like and Solar Panels are my fun ! 5760 Watt is it enough ? 4 years ago I started with solar panels. Because the new ones were out of budget, I […]

Personal View

Keep on dreaming…

02/10/2017 0

I have a dream…. Which manager wasn’t dreaming about your IT sitting on a beach and the Data center would be completed automated without any human errors ? I believe this is the future. But aren’t […]

Zonneboiler pakket

Zonneboiler subsidie 2017

02/06/2017 0

This page is in Dutch because the RVO subsidy is only for the Netherlands ! Return on Investment van een Zonneboiler Het belangrijkste om uit te rekenen hoesnel je een zonneboiler terug verdient, moet je […]

Personal View

Washing is expensive. Cut the cost !

12/24/2016 0

Costs of washing clothes There are a lot of parameters and for each person they are different. The first question is : Can we calculate what the costs are of washing our clothes ? Buying […]

Personal View

Howto become a Cisco CCSI ?

12/16/2016 0

I am CCSI #35056 When you got a Cisco CCSI number, you are an official Cisco Certified Systems Instructor. Several years ago I passed my CCSI exam and now I am CCSI #35056. I know […]

Personal View

It’s Time To Be Happy And Howto do it ?

12/14/2016 0

When are you Happy ? “You can’t buy happiness” a lot of people said. Some science article prove otherwise. Personally I think when you got a little bit more money, you will be happier for […]


Joost van der Made

Washing is expensive. Cut the cost ! Costs of #washing clothes There are a lot of parameters and fo bit.ly/2iWLDyF #cheap #clean

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